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Summoning Sickness

I guess I should sort of apologize to Chris for invoking his name for an offhand comment he made on my blog.  But I must admit, it worked out very well. For me, anyway. So good I’ve gone and invoked Alexfrog (which should be taken as a sign of confidence in my position).

I should create a catchphrase for this. (I could just say “I Kibo’ed Chris”, but I doubt the majority of BGG would get it, and technically the right phrasing was “Chris Kibo’ed himself into the discussion.”) All the other catchphrases I thought of were a bit too easy to mock. So I think I’ll just say “Summoned”.

Incidentally … have I ever thought that game rules were dictated from on high to the fanfare of angels? Probably, but I suppose everyone was young once. If I did make such a statement, please don’t remind me.

I will admit that there’s still some interesting stratagems I haven’t explored deeply in Hansa. In particular, the central rush. Our games end too fast to really do much with that, but it could work (even if you can’t quite complete the 7 point linkage).

I’m not sure that nerfing the VPs for the tokens is enough (although its fine). Right now we’ve ended half our games with token depletion, and half via points, and none via cities. I’d like the 3rd option to feature. I assume it’s mainly there to stop slow strategies, but I can’t see how cities would fill up before someone got to 20 points. After the first few routes most placements tend to score 1-2 points.

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May 25, 2010 at 7:58 pm

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  1. Well, there are rules handed down by Reiner Knizia and then there are rules handed down by Andreas Steding 🙂 I originally shied away from Hansa Teutonica because my experience with Steding had not been particularly good. The guy who did Heart of Africa and Italia? Seriously?

    I was sort of surprised more people over on BGG weren’t moved by the argument that the high value of tiles and the weird problem with Gottingen constrains the strategy space needlessly. The game would certainly be more interesting if there were more legitimate options. But, I guess BGG folks seem to like games where experienced players get to screw over newbies for no particularly good reason (Age of Steam, Through the Ages, Caylus, Brass).


    May 26, 2010 at 5:22 pm

    • Even if no other argument mattered, the simple fact that the token scoring is byzantine should count for something. But to each their own.


      May 26, 2010 at 10:14 pm

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