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Well, it is the New Year Sectional.

My last best hand was pretty good …. (AK3 — KQJT95432 A). But today I picked up another decent hand.

spades — hearts 3 diamonds AQJT9x clubs AKQxxx

I guess this hand really doesn’t hold up … I have a shot at 6 diamonds in the prior hand opposite a void, and here I need a fit in one minor. Still, a pretty good hand.

As for the bidding, it was pretty straight forward. I opened a diamond, LHO bid 2 diamonds (showing 5-5 or better in hearts and spades), CHO passed, and RHO bid 2 hearts. Even if LHO is merely 5-5, that leaves 11 minor cards for CHO and RHO, so it’s reasonably to assume that CHO has 4-5, so likely we have a fit, so I jumped to 6C.

And, honestly, I was in full “Eff you” mode. I haven’t lost so many easily winnable matches in a long time. Partner turned up with:

spades QTxxx hearts Ax diamonds xxx clubs Jxx

and thought a while over 6C (as well he might) but decided to simply convert to 6D. As it happens, the diamond king was in the pocket and I made 7.

Unfortunately for our opponents, a novice held my hand and sold out to four hearts(!) which made, for a swing of 2010 points. (+1390 for the vulnerable slam at our table, plus overtrick. +620 for the vulnerable 4 heart game). Until I noticed the number, I was lamenting not being in the grand. Still, 19 IMP swings don’t happen every day, and it brightened up the end of a rather pathetic session.


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January 19, 2010 at 12:09 am

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