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Thoughts from an SABG Session

I’ve managed another game of Homesteaders, a particularly high-debt game (with correspondingly low scores).  The Dominant strategy is to defect from the groupthink, whatever that is (Bidding too much or too little). Of course, that assumes there is a “too much” or “too little.” It’s still too early to see second order effects. Given that the revised two player variant just came out, I’ll have to try it, as well.

Also played another game of Shadow Hunters (while still waiting for the expansion to arrive locally).  I truly enjoy hidden team games, and this one is fast enough (and covers 7 or 8 players, a rarity for non-party games). I think this will still be played next New Years, but who knows? I should play Kutschfahrt again (which, despite being a hidden team game, is much more cerebral).

Tsuro is enjoyable, a five minute abstract. (The five minutes makes it enjoyable, not the abstract). Like Metro, distilled down to a single train.

The Small World expansions, despite only adding a few races/abilities, greatly add to my enjoyment. Do they add enough to buy a copy of the game? No. There are 2-3 copies locally.  The days of having to own a copy are well behind me, which is not to say that I would trade a game I’m done with for them.

For the year, I think my downsized collection is greatly improved. There are still ~50 games I’d part with (and some I should, but can’t for sentimental reasons), but I have shelf space a plenty should other great games come around. I should put my RPG stuff up for trade (particularly now that BGG
supports it).

With the latest Shadowfist expansion out I’ve built decks and got in several sessions. This reminds me of Tom L’s comment that he thought that CCGs have a natural expansion limit. Magic gets past this by cycling cards out … ‘Fist has been (slowly) adding the number of factions, and just started introducing more “Legends” style multi-cards (with the twist that you can pay for the card with either color mixed as you see fit). I continue (for the most part) just building reasonably efficient decks and playing the game. In my opinion, evaluating the fluid nature of the Tableaux is still the most interesting part. I still do it reasonably well.

Resolutions? Hm. I’m going to keep playing bridge. I have a not-quite-newish partnership with a player slightly stronger than me (I don’t expect to make more mistakes on any given day, but probably make a few more over a full sectional). I should establish a partnership with a much stronger player. As strong as will have me.

At the turn of the millenium, I was sick as a dog. (Not from alcohol, but from flu). So already the next decade is off to a better start.


Written by taogaming

December 30, 2009 at 5:31 pm

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  1. “The Dominant strategy is to defect from the groupthink, whatever that is (Bidding too much or too little). Of course, that assumes there is a “too much” or “too little.” ”

    Yes, this is definitely one of the important parts of the strategy. More passing heavy strategies work when people are bidding too high (and you always bid them up sufficiently before passing), while more building heavy (build every turn) straties are best if people bid too low.


    December 30, 2009 at 6:41 pm

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