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The most amazing bridge hand I’ve held

spades AK3 heartsdiamonds KQJT95432 clubs A

That will be hard to top.

Update — In response to Larry, I simply opened 6diamonds. I could open 1diamonds, planning on jumping, but I’m jumping to slam anyway. 2clubs (our strong forcing opening) won’t get me any useful information unless partner has a monstrous hand (with this particular partner I play control step responses, so he can show a weak hand with 1 king or less, a good hand with 1 king or less, one ace or two kings, three kings, ace + king, etc … but seeing as how I can’t distinguish the useless heart ace from the diamond ace immediately…)

The real problem with opening low is that my hand only had three defensive tricks, and if partner has the diamond ace, we probably have a grand slam and still only have three defensive tricks. So I want no ability for opponents to determine they have a ten card heart fit (or club fit).

The final issue with opening 6 diamonds is that it will be nigh impossible to get partner to understand that the spade queen is worth more to me than the heart Ace+King (unless he has the diamond ace). But if partner’s looking at the diamond ace, he’ll know that’s valuable right away. If he does have the Diamond ace and anything good, he’ll bid seven on the theory that if I thought six would have a play, the trump ace makes seven…if he’s looking at random good cards in one suit, he’ll know that I’m likely void and discount them towards a raise. In short, when scientific bidding isn’t likely to work, just bid what you hope to make.

In fact, LHO doubled (which I assumed meant he had both red aces and that he didn’t understand how bridge scoring works) and partner passed, then displayed:

spades xxxxx hearts AQJT2 diamondsclubs xxx

Since LHO didn’t lead a heart, dummy was worthless … except for the very nice five card spade suit, which meant that only one opponent could protect against my four of spades when I played trump (the doubler had led a club honor, which I won, then tried to cash a club, which I ruffed and then played 8 more rounds of diamonds. And that opponent (doubler), discarded a spade from J96, so that he wouldn’t discard down to Kx of hearts in front of dummy. Of course, if I had a small heart and Ace-small of spades, I was making no matter what, and if I had a small heart and a small spade (without the ace), I was on crack for bidding six diamonds, but stranger things have happened. Making six. I guess I should have redoubled, but who knew partner would the right card (that fifth spade)?


Written by taogaming

December 23, 2009 at 11:09 pm

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  1. I’ve seen 12-winner hands before (that one’s 11), but nine-card suits are very rare. There were two 9-4-0-0 hands at the last Orlando nationals (I held neither) and a 10-card suit in a regional side game in (I think) Vegas. (I didn’t hold that, either.) The worst hand I’ve ever seen, however, is so by a fair margin. I was once dealt one seven and two fives high. I’ve never seen anything close to that bad since.


    December 24, 2009 at 8:02 am

  2. Yeah, but how did you bid it (a particularly relevent question given what was just said about Blackwood)?

    Larry Levy

    December 24, 2009 at 10:26 am

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