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In the company of warlocks and other jerks

I managed to play the Shadows over Camelot expansion. Twice, but with wrong rules. Here they are:

  • A second traitor card, to be used with 7 or 8 players.
  • A bunch of new cards, and new characters (with special abilities).
  • The travel deck and a merlin figure.

Whenever you move, you draw a travel card. Sometimes nothing happens. Sometimes you get ambushed and lose a turn (or card). Sometimes Merlin shows up. Sometimes you get a funny look and go rushing off to the grail instead.

If Merlin is present, he gives each knight a card each turn, and (if the quest is completed and he stays there) stops any black cards that get converted to siege engines (this is only at the grail or excalibur).

It’s more of the same. I still like the game. If you didn’t like it, this changes nothing. I can’t say if it makes it tougher or easier, but having the potential for two traitors in a big game is probably necessary … I don’t think we’ve lost a 7+ player game with competent players.

We (yet again) had the problem with endgame tension in one game. With 8 players (and two traitors) the knights just rolled and got into a position where they wanted to lose a quest or two just to end the game. Having re-read the various comments, I’m going to insist we play with the “Game only ends on a successful quest” variant.

The 7 player, single traitor game was actually quite close, mainly due to a few mistakes the loyal knights (in particular, the one new player) made. I (as the traitor) actually allowed a take back because a play was so obviously wrong (and would have made my backstab unstoppable. As it was, I was surprised they recovered … two of the new cards in the white deck crushed my dreams).

I keep playing this, and lamenting that it needs a nudge to be a great game, instead of a not-quite-slightly-off game that remains fun.

Written by taogaming

September 11, 2008 at 5:49 pm

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