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Agricola Reconsidered (a bit)

Now that I’ve got and played Agricola a few times, some reconsidered thoughts.

  • The animeeples provide enough customization to suit me. Actually, I guess I could do the stickers, too, since that’s pretty easy.
  • Amazingly, the aspect of David’s customization that tempts me is ripping up the box and pasting it onto a carrying case. All I’ve done is put the cards in four (CCG) card carriers (and sleeved the cards used in every game) and the box barely closes.
  • It’s still too early to say if my main bone of contention (the cards decide it) is there. I suspect the grotesque combinations I saw were flukes … still, I find the game enjoyable. I do think that the “Early family growth” is the main path to victory, but exploring the gamespace is amusement enough.
  • I have noticed how much the occupations/improvements change each game. If people get the “food” stuff out early, then their won’t be scrambles for the day laborer (etc), since alternate means exist, and everyone will be flush and racing for more family members. If they don’t, then people will be pausing after their first child, wary of over-extending. Just like the road order in Caylus, a subtle effect.
  • Needless to say, I’m still enjoying the game, but I was surprised how interesting (and different) the solo games were. The focus is completely different, in that you only have to consider pressure in actions, not in time, so you are happy to let accumulators build up (“8 sheep? I think I shall.”) But the food pressure (3 per family member) does make it more difficult.
  • If I do make houserules (apart from just tossing out a few cards), I’m most likely to change the VP per family member; 2 VPs perhaps.
  • The rules do mention drafting the occupations/improvements and that certainly seems interesting once people have the game down. Still think it would be too long, though.
  • How have people handicapped themselves? I played with no starting food (but as the start player, mainly because everyone wanted me to go first). That seemed reasonable, as it cost me an early action or two to catch up.


Written by taogaming

August 11, 2008 at 9:14 pm

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