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Dominionus Previewus

Aviday Airfay posted a dominion sneak peak at la geek. As I may have said before, I thought the idea was intriguing but I wasn’t hooked (after one game). Still, there has been a lot of development work done and many of my (remaining) faithful and loyal readers are avid supporters, so feel free to ooze enthusiasm (or hatred) in the comments.

What bugged me about the game? In my pondering afterwards, I thought it’s an economic game with a) a growth curve b) randomness in opening resources and c) unequal number of turns. Everyone will earn 7 gold in the first two turns, but those could be divided 5+2 or 3+4). Now, since you don’t get your stuff until turn 3, it doesn’t matter if you are 5+2 or 2+5, but depending on the action cards available 5+2 or 3+4 could be much better. (Not all cards are played each game, imagine a great combo that involves a 3 cost and a 4 cost card out for one game). But mainly it just felt like the same damned thing over and over. An impressive feat for a 30 minute game. Each turn you look at your hand, play one (sometimes more) of your action cards and make the best purchase. There’s a hell of an optimization idea here, and absolutely nothing that links turns together. Maximize your turn, toss away unused cards, draw for next turn. Of course, if all your opponents are buying the “Thief” cards (or whatever) you’ll want to buy “Anti-thief” and that’s interesting, but turns are “Fire and forget.”


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June 26, 2008 at 11:46 am

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