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Agricola Experience

Rather than re-hash it, let me just concede that my experiences with Agricola may be due to:

  1. Small sample size
  2. Two games ‘tainted’ by some imbalanced cards (The frunkee “Patron” game, and the Chamberlain game).
  3. A lack of sharks (I’ll assume Frunkee and Geoff count).
  4. One hundred games of Caylus.

I’ll update my thoughts after my set arrives and I get more data points.

Speaking of Shark games, I really should have recorded the shark Phoenicia game in some detail. (On the other hand). It would have made an interesting session report, and we could have a freeze frame on when exactly my position fell apart. “On my first bid” (Dye House for 4) is a potential answer …

Written by taogaming

April 19, 2008 at 9:35 am

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