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Master Solvers #3 Results

To recap:

You are Old Earth in a four player game (no Epsilon Eridani). You get:

  • Mining Robots (MR)
  • Terraforming Robots (TR)
  • Expedition Force (EF)
  • New Military Tactics (NMT)
  • Free Trade Association (FTA)
  • Pan Galactic League (PGL)

And the options:

  • Frunk — MR & FTA, Develop and build EF (Explore+1 if group doesn’t often explore).
  • Kester — FTA & PGL, Explore +5
  • Tucker — MR & TR, Develop EF.
  • Matt — TR & PGL, Explore+1.
  • Alexfrog, Lou & Phil — MR & TR, Explore+5
  • Joe & Luthrin — MR & FTA, Explore+1
  • Anthony & Jeff — MR & TR, Explore +1
  • Wei-Hwa — FTA & PGL, Develop

Brian at the table — You know, it’s been several weeks. Fortunately I remember. MR & PGL, Explore +1.

Almost everyone pitches mining robots. I can see the point behind pitching both sixes, the mining robots could become good really quickly (you get radioactive world or destroyed world and can turn it into a production world). In fact, given the speed issue, I think that Terraforming Robots may be better as the first card to pitch.

As for the sixes, which one to keep is a matter of taste, and ‘none’ could be right.

The ‘consensus’ pick (MR & FTA) splits between +1, +5 or Develop. In fact, there is no real consensus. The +1s try to get a worlds and stay greedy (as I like in 4 player games). The +5s bank on practically locking up a good world.

The develops delay the explore for one turn, and make sure that if someone else explores and a settle hits, they can drop NMT if they got a conquerable world. This argument can’t be dismissed lightly.

In summary, I don’t think there is a consensus play.

Results at the table — The Explore + 1 resulted in crap, just FYI.

Brian after reflection — Actually, I’m leaning towards the early develop, to drop EF or NMT. (I haven’t decided). I’m also leaning towards pitching the FTA & PGL. They are both long-term speculative plays you can’t afford. You need something good to happen, but both of those require something great. Even if I keep them, they should have money. (To be fair, TR is almost certainly money as well and MR will be unless you get a cheap rare windfall).

No scores given, since I can’t decide.


Written by taogaming

April 5, 2008 at 10:37 am

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