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Well, I did play Die Mauer again (finally opened my copy), and it’s a quickly little psychological/tactical game. Blind ‘bidding’ sort of. The leader places one of their pieces in hand, and everyone tries to match him. If nobody matches, the leader gets rid of his piece. If others match then they get rid of their pieces and the leader doesn’t. (But if the pieces can’t be placed by all the matchers, then the leader discards after all). It also allows for ’empty fist’ as an option.

The sort of game for people who like that sort of game. I think I’m one of them, although I’ve probably had this for 3 years without opening it…. (I’d played before).

In other news, I’m witnessing a career destroying season by Matt Holliday. Too bad I drafted him as my first pick. (And yes, I know that 40 PA is way too small to make a statistical statement, but I’m getting my amusement where I can).

And no jokes for you this year.

Update: Although, let me go on record as saying that I’ve had a suspicion that the Risk-Black Ops thing is Aldie’s prank this year. I haven’t followed the thread, but it just strikes me as off…

Update: And I should mention that JKLM’s online games now allow for turn-based games. Which means you can do your “Login once a day” game of Phonecia (or Tulipmania or On the Underground).


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April 1, 2008 at 8:32 pm

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