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We had our Strat-o-matic draft yesterday. I honestly have no idea how I did. Given our rules-set I have a pretty good (but fragile) team … I should really trade for a pinch-hitter or defensive replacement. But we’ll see. Anyway, for those of you who follow such things, my team is listed on the SABG blog. [Warning — Those with weak stomachs should not look carefully at my starting rotation. In case of quesiness, keep your eyes on the bullpen.]

We did a few ‘pre-season’ games to get a grip on the super-advanced rules (minus the supplemental stealing system, which seems copied straight from IRS regulations). Overall I like it … the variety of what can happen is greatly expanded for a minimal cost of complexity (once you are used to the system, I suppose. It would probably seem much more complex without last season under my belt). Now that we’ve got the super-advanced rules, we’ve seen odd events (like 1-5-4 double plays, throwing errors, outfielders robbing home runs) as well as have the potential for a few really rare plays (like inside the park home runs).

The experience emphasizes how random sports are. Multiple-Gold Glove winning Derrick Lee had 7 errors last season (but he missed a few games so strat puts him as “on pace for” 8). He had three errors in one game, all through sheer random chance. Particularly brutal was a two base throwing error.

I also got in two more games of Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation. I really do have to try this with the drafting variant (or just the variant, at all). Still, I like this … a good number of decisions compressed into a very small amount of time. Sure it has some Rock-Paper-Scissors ness, but that’s fine in a small game.

The few games of race didn’t provide any good panel fodder, though.


Written by taogaming

March 9, 2008 at 3:00 pm

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