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Regarding race, You should read Alex’sGeneral Strategy Guide and Frunk’s “The Poker of Race” articles. (This note was just in case any of my reader’s don’t follow race obsessively).

I’ve also got a correction (two actually) on my spreadsheet. I’ll update it later. But we’re definitely in the point of well-diminished returns for my writings. I’ve said everything I can say clearly about Race. Perhaps when I double my game total I’ll have more to add. (I may still write, I just won’t necessarily be coherent).

Fortunately for me I just got Starcraft. I remember being very intrigued by the previews (the Ameritrash game with definite Euro influence …). The rules look good. We’ll see if it gets to the table.

I played Cranium Hoopla last night, a “cooperative” party game. That just means everyone’s on the same team. I think that’s a good idea — the game is basically charades and variants. And (according to the advertisements on BGG) this is a sub-$10 game.

Just to boggle the mind, I had a game of Geshenkt last night where everyone conceded to me after five cards. (I took the 8 with two or three chips, then the 10 hit, which I took with four chips. Then the 11, which I took with four chips. Then the 12, four chips. Then the 13, four chips). [And yes, it took me longer to type this than the game.] Apparently one of our group has a reverse shuffle technique … he shuffles cards back into order. He’s wasting his life on science instead of three card monte and other cons.


Written by taogaming

February 23, 2008 at 9:31 am

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  1. I see your Geschenkt players aren’t big on taking one for the team.

    Larry Levy

    February 23, 2008 at 12:11 pm

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