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2007 Gaming In Review

Before I moved I played ~100 titles a year. In ’06, around 150. Now I’m over 170 (although some of those are just expansions, so the ‘true’ number is probably 165). Most of those titles were, as usual, single plays. Thankfully few of them were games I bought (although a few were owned as trades, briefly).

  1. No points awarded for a correct guess. If I get in a few more games before New Years, Race will get 75 plays.
  2. I’m declaring an upset at number two, with Glory to Rome. I suppose it’s really just a tie with …
  3. Phoenicia, but I think G2R will have more long term potential in our group. Or I may be biased in that I’ve been playing Phoenicia for years, and I played a ton of it online when I was between jobs.
  4. Notre Dame, which also grabbed some online time (via BSW) is one of those mildly addictive inoffensive games. I’m willing to play even though I don’t think it has unexplored depths, because it does reward skill but has enough luck to keep my interest. I’ll probably get to 25 plays eventually.

Ordering is already pretty arbitrary at the #2 spot, so lets just go with categories:

Other games I liked:

  • Caylus Magna Carta — Good enough to make me wonder if I’ll ever play Caylus again, except against the uber-strong.
  • Kutschfahrt — Really only got in a few games (over about two weeks), so it’s hard to call this a glowing recommendation, but this is worth checking out.
  • I played the games of Through the Ages at the Gathering. I’d like to play again, although I’m not nearly as desperate to buy, thanks to the delay. (And I haven’t tried Agricola).

Looking back at my ’06 choices: I’m generally happy with my picks. They all had the fall-off of second year games, but I played all of them (I think). I’m even happy with most of my ’05 comments.

New Games I won’t miss:

  • Antler Island
  • Garden Gnome Society
  • Imperial
  • Neuroshima Hex!
  • Portobello Market
  • Ruse and Bruise (although it had it’s moment)
  • Space Dealer
  • Struggle for Rome
  • Venedig

One of the nice things about skipping Essen/BGG.CON/etc is that my wallet avoids all those trap games. I almost added Zooloretto, but I’m sure someone will offer to play and its not bad. It just lacks oomph. On the other hand, I want to play Galaxy Trucker again, but when our local sold his copy (?!) I wasn’t heartbroken. Time has cooled my desire for this, too.

The Monster Games:
I played 7 Ages twice, Mare Nostrum twice. My PBEM game of Here I Stand is approaching its first birthday, may it never reach two.

… To be continued ….


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