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I got to try Zooloretto. Not bad. Good. I could play it again. I wouldn’t fret unduly if I didn’t.

I finally got in another game of Struggle of Empires … unlike my NC group here people drive their peasants hard; two nations hit 19 unrest (and I, sadly, came in second worst at 14, losing by 4).

We also played Castle. Castle is one of those games that I rarely think of, but enjoy when we play. Like earlier sessions, we played twice. Apart from the usual variant (“You may not draw a card if you have as many cards as you started with in hand”) I think I should errata the Merchant so that you can’t play him the turn you go out. (I now see this is an official variant).


Written by taogaming

September 1, 2007 at 10:48 pm

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