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More Ruse & Bruise (and a bunch of quarters).

Last night I played Ruse & Bruise again, earning it a nickel on the year. I’m sticking with my initial thoughts, I’m definitely suggesting my variants from now on. [Instead of the convoluted scoring, getting all six categories earns you a +5, and remove a specified card of each suit for each player less than six (so the distribution is even). (I’d remove the spare 3s, first, then the 2s, then 4s, but that’s just a hunch).

Anyway, once you know the cards, some of the chaos goes away. (I was able to guess my opponents cards much higher than chance would predict, not that it helped me out). Overall, I was generous in my initial rating; but R&B is an enjoyable filler. [Granted, the 20-40 minute category has fielded a murderer’s row of great games over the last few years. But I like variety].

Last night also saw three games in my “Top 10 most played” hit the table again — San Juan (#5), To Court the King(#2), and the inevitable Glory to Rome(#7).


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June 9, 2007 at 12:07 pm

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