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The Week That Was

So, what did I miss?

Tom wrote a Phoenicia preview. [And he wrote a Race For the Galaxy preview a while ago].

Larry tries Colosseum and Pillars of the Earth again, and he kind of likes them. Kinda.

Caylus Magna Carta is on the way. And I was playing with a rule wrong … if nobody builds in the castle, some tokens are thrown away. This adds a timer to the game (much like the provost in the original).

The Geek reacts to the news that people aren’t rational in a game theoretic sense.

I got a recent book (ok, this is geeky) where Sherlock Holmes uses Bayes Theory and other Math things to solve crimes. (I said it was geeky). They use the prisoner’s dillema in one of them, and one warden is very impressed with it, going on and on about how the prisoners will squeal on each other. Then he gets confused when it doesn’t work, and Mycroft just grabs a criminal off the street and says “The warden has you, do you talk?”

“‘Course not, guv. Me mates ‘ould kill me.”

Just remember the old chestnut — “There’s no difference between theory and practice. In theory.”

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May 26, 2007 at 10:42 am

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