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I’m going to party like its 49 BC

Which is just another way of saying I’m finally of the schneid in Ave Caesar. In fact, I won more races last night than I’ve won in the prior games combined (that I recall). Will I now retire to do color commentary? Decisions …

The rest of the night was devoted to party games. We finally broke open the Smarty Party Expansion Pack. I’m pleased that the questions seem more interesting and varied. I’m less pleased that some of the answers still seem bogus. You know how people add the phrase “in bed” to fortune cookies? We add the phrase “That we like” to Smarty Party Questions. As in “Name the best selling brands of X” (‘that we like’). But we keep playing it. It’s gallows humor, really.

Other than that, just some Wits & Wagers and Stage II to round out the evening. What am I going to do when we run out of Stage II questions? (Granted this may take a year). My copy had an advertisement for an expansions, but I’ve never seen one for trade/sale. I’ve made up a few cards myself, but that’s pretty tough work. I wish someone would republish a new version.

An amusing note — several “He knows that I know” moment. In Wits and Wagers, we had to pick a year. I didn’t know, so I just picked the century that it happened (like 1900), figuring I’d be lowest and perhaps everyone else would overshoot. One opponent wrote down a number, erased it, and then said “Screw it.” I figured he did the same thing, so I changed my answer to 1901. That’s always fun. In Smarty Party, I saved a good obscure answer, when I saw another player go “Aha!” Figuring he had it, I guessed. We were both wrong. Sigh.


Written by taogaming

January 27, 2007 at 9:51 am

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