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A few second helpings

For MLK gaming, I got to repeat …

Imperial — Unlike last time, we had four so we used the ‘advanced’ setup. The owner of Austria lost it early, and never really recovered. I’m not sure the advanced setup helps, unless you keep some money in reserve. But a fully invested player will do better (assuming they don’t lose control — a feast or famine strategy). Italy got huge, fast, so I kept hitting it (with France and Austria) even though I was minority holder. At the end game, one player ended it when he (arguably) shouldn’t have. If he didn’t end it, I would have won. This particular situation wasn’t a particularly strong kingmaker problem, but it does point out the possibility. I’m more cautious than before, but still favorable.

I ran away with our game of Space Dealer. This felt much less balanced than the basic game. I got the “extra timer”, one of the sabotage advances, and the extra ship. Everyone else clumped for second, but I was about 10 points higher (35 vs 25). A novelty game, but the novelty hasn’t worn off. So no real change on my opinion.

We also did a handful of game of To Court the King. We’re playing with my “Reduced General (Fieldherr)” variant (see bottom of post), and I’m really enjoying it. Not only does it reduce a powerful card, it makes several other cards much more interesting to take (It increases the value of the control cards, because you want more control if you get the general). As I said before, it’s a robust game. Lots of variations work.

We also had the bloodiest game of Cash N Guns. Despite starting with a full gang, the last two bullets were “A points at B, and vice versa” … the rest were pushing up daisies. [The first death on Round Two!]


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January 15, 2007 at 8:03 pm

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