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2006 in Review

Summary thoughts…

A good year. The San Antonio Board Gamers really took off, which meant that I played less of my beloved Shadowfist, but more of everything else. In prior years I played ~100 titles. This year it jumped to 150, about half of which got a single play. Some of those were just bad games, but some were older games that get dragged out from time to time. Perhaps I play fewer games more often. Nah.

My favorites from the last year…

Light games:

Roma — A quick two player game; strategy and luck in a nice mix. (Also my most played game of the year). It needs a tweak or two (the “Delano/Fitzgerald variant”) but great fun.

No Thanks! — 5-10 minutes and done. Light and breezy. More luck than you think, but did I mention 5-10 minutes? And some “push your luck” aspects.

Cash N Guns — Party game, or psychological? A little of both. Good fun.

To Court the King — Tom Lehmann’s quick dice game. Fast, simple. I may start playing with my General variant, but I’ve played it quite a bit already.

Wits & Wagers — Solves the problem of people who know too much with the betting element (and having lots of bizarre thing


Scepter of Zavandor — Remakes Outpost, and adds technology tracks (the ‘knowledges’). Also adds time … we played Outpost with 5-8, and 5-player Scepter might make me break out. (I’ll try one more 5-6 player game, I guess).

Indonesia — Some may treat this as a heavyweight, but we finish in under two hours. Some nice math, tactics and medium planning.

Vegas Showdown — One I missed from 2005 (I think). Not a title that grabbed my imagination and ran, but solid.


Combat Commander: Europe — I want to play again. Checking forums, reading notes, looking at decks. Obsessive. I burn out like this, but its fun now.

Here I Stand — Another experience game. It may be that I’ll tire of this after a few more games, but that will mean it’s lasted 20-30 hours of play, a good total.

Others like; I’m not sold:

Too soon to tell, but hopeful:

Looking over my 2005 review, let me issue a few revisions:

I burnt out on Caylus. I’d still play it, but I don’t think it holds more to discover. (That’s after 100+ games). The 2 player game is pure, but dry.

I still own Around the World in 80 Days and throw it in the bag sometimes, but its inclusion on the Top 10 list was tenuous.

I played Shadows over Camelot more than I expected, but never to my satisfaction, really. Ditto Battlestations.

The other games mentioned got played; but new titles always take up a large chunk of my gaming attention.

I expect that to be true this year, too.

Some other opinions:


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  1. Ooh, It probably could be from the Simpsons (most funny things find there way on sooner or later). But I was referring to a much more obscure show … that my daughter watches.


    January 4, 2007 at 10:29 am

  2. It may have been on that, too. But I actually saw it on a kid’s TV show, Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman. It’s a quasi-educational PBS show where the kids have to do things for (animated) dog announcer. And one kid works up a comedy routine. His timing on it was pretty good, too. But 1GG is yours! (if you send me your BGG UserID).


    January 5, 2007 at 9:48 am

  3. MMh, the question is: Who stole the joke from what show? 🙂

    Peerchen (BGG name)

    Peer Sylvester

    January 5, 2007 at 12:47 pm

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