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Played another game of Fiese Freunde Fette Feten. It’s OK. I’ll play, but I’m not suggesting it. I’ve only played twice, but the game is schizophrenic. It’s a planning game, but with chaos that you can be dragged into events you didn’t want. Granted, that’s thematic. Some goals are much harder than others (last night one player fulfilled three life goals in puberty). The game can be decided by which life events come out (in both games I’ve seen at least one player stymied for two rounds waiting for a relevant event), or by who drops out first.

My gut feeling? This should be redone minus the auctions and negotiations. Imagine the same cards but you just go around the table — play a card and resolve. You’d keep the humor (the games strong point), keep the chaos (I assume that the cards would still let you drag others into things they didn’t want), and remove some planning for a large time savings. Maybe I’m just saying that because the puberty game (the first round) is usually just as enjoyable with less decisions. No matter how much you like your friends, they eventually wear out their welcome. For FFFF, that occurs at the hour mark, but the party drags on …


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March 4, 2006 at 11:43 am

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