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New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Play the unplayed:
    • 7 Ages (ok, my copy is unplayed)
    • Antike
    • Ars Mysteriorum
    • Battlestations
    • Control Nut!
    • Downtown
    • Europe Engulfed
    • Fiese Frunede Fette Feten
    • Flying Colors
    • For the People
    • Lowendynastie
    • Oriente
    • Railroad Dice
    • Sword of Rome
    • Tahuantinsuyu
    • TATATA!
    • WWI: Barbarossa to Berline
    • Warangle

    Er … let’s revise that. “Have less unplayed games at the end of the year than the beginning.”

  2. No more GMT games. Nothing personal, guys. Just look at my unplayed list. [I still have a preorder or two].
  3. Get rid of the chaff. I probably have 30+ terrible games. (Games that I’ve rated 4 or less). And I should get rid of some of the fives. I smell a sale coming on.

There. I feel better. Like all New Years resolutions, I’ll keep these until I don’t feel like it.


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December 26, 2005 at 6:36 pm

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  1. # Ars Mysteriorum

    A must play! Excellent game

    # Control Nut!

    A trick taking game that I actually enjoy. INteresting special cards.

    # Fiese Frunede Fette Feten

    An OK game, very linear, and not much player hosage as one would expect. A tad dry, but funny.

    # Railroad Dice

    Meh. I just couldn’t get a game to ping out vulnerabilites of the stocks to my liking. And REALLY stay away from RD: Germany. BAD

    # Tahuantinsuyu

    Interesting connection game, a few power moves makes it a bit venerable

    Michael Chapel

    December 27, 2005 at 6:04 pm

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