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So, me and the Head Beagle were smoking the peace pipe. A nice haze filled the game store, enabling us to ignore the young magic players squawking around the other table. We had agreed that I would mellow out (the pipe helped admirably) and he would run tests of statistical significance on future lists. I was reaching for the bottle when I first heard the motorcycle.

A big man walked in a few minutes later. Sunburned face like hardened leather and a grizzly beard. He sat down like he owned the place and took a long pull from the bottle.

“Which one of you is called …” (my heart was in my throat) “Snoop.”

Stephen nodded, slowly.

“I got a problem with your list there.”

“We we’re just talking about…”

“Shut up, math boy.”

The table was silent for a few minutes. I was packing, of course; but this wasn’t my problem. I stayed quiet. I could see Snoop thinking … no surprise that he was carrying. The stranger didn’t seem bothered by the delay, he used the pause to polish off the bottle and tossed it aside.

“Now look, I gotta problem …”

“Your name?” Snoop interrupted, scoring a risky point. You don’t mess with the Head Beagle. The stranger snarled, but let it pass.

“Don’t really got one. They call me Rider.” I let out a low whistle. I think one of the card players wet himself. Smelled that way. Snoop recovered pretty quickly, all told.

“Thought you were a myth.” Small pause. “OK, let’s talk.”

“Too many young’uns reading your list. Now they all want to play those damn games. I travel light, so I’m stuck. This list … ” he trailed off and waved one hand, fishing a cigar out of his pocket, lighting it and blowing out a long string of smoke.

“This list means I gotta play games I thought I buried years ago,” he said. “Brings back memories.”

“They’re good games, they get better.”

“Hell, plenty of good games now. Not like old times. And hell, Capitol? How can a self-respecting man recommend a game with that scoring track?” The last words were spat out, like venom.

“Not everything is about shiny bits” Snoop offered.

“This from a man who kicks women out of his house the day they turn nineteen” came the reply. Learn something new every day, I do. Rider was just chewing his cigar, but then reached below the table. Slowly, with deliberate calm. Taunting.

I know what was coming, and I could see Snoop’s bead of sweat. The hand came back up above the table with a large black sack. Rider measured it’s cruel heft. “This thing gives a pretty good beating, you know. And stain resistant,” he added, “even if the bag aint.”

“Now look, I’m a reasonable man. It ain’t your fault, Snoop. Just a clever idea that’s caused me a bit of grief. But I’m watching you.” He rattled the bag once, pieces schikk’d. “You too” he added, pointing at me. “Less jabber.” Another shake of the bag. “I think that about covers it.” He dropped the bag on the table.

There was a pause. Rider tossed the cigar stub away and reached for the pipe, took a puff. “So, care for a game?”

I looked at Snoop. We nodded.

Rider plays a mean game of Bausack.


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November 5, 2005 at 10:08 pm

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  1. Eh, what’s in that pipe?

    I’ve never been in a Joel Coen movie before…

    Stephen Glenn

    November 6, 2005 at 9:31 am

  2. Hee.

    Yehuda Berlinger

    November 7, 2005 at 1:15 am

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