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Sensing Essen

Reading the gamewire about Essen, I’m feeling a nice, warm curmudgeony glow. Oh, there are a few games that I wouldn’t mind having right now, but it sounds like Rio Grande will have them soon enough. And there are a few limited edition games I’d like, but just how many Age of Steam maps do I need? (“All of them!“). Many of the limited edition games from last year were reprinted or picked up — I like that trend. It means that the truely good games make it out, eventually. I do see another large purchasing spree in the future. By not blowing $X thousand dollars going to Essen, that leaves more for games! (And gifts for my patient wife).

Which is another way of saying, No news here. Back soon, I may play some games!


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October 15, 2005 at 8:17 pm

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