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Pet Peeves and Puerto Rico

Most of my pet peeves are about games, but let’s talk about Gamers. All new peeves courtesy of BSW, today.

  1. Lag is a legitimate excuse for slow play. “Sorry, there are people in my home” isn’t. So, you are being rude to two groups of people? Gee, that’s OK then.
  2. I’m not terribly fond of “Sorry, I’m also IMing.”
  3. Disappearing for 5 minutes with the excuse “Sorry, boss in the room” really pisses me off. If I had know that, I’d have chatted (which opens a new window with a loud noise).
  4. Slow play is even more annoying when the game is clearly won/lost. I had a 25 minute game of San Juan (typical game, 10 minutes). And a 50 minute game of PR (30).
  5. I’m really tired of people who say “What was that?” in response to a play. People make mistakes. Feel free to think it all you want, though.

I did see a novel new PR opening. Going first (4 player) I took quarry [coffee/sugar/tobacco]. The next player built (indigo, sugar, sm market, I took sm. market). Prospector. Mayor. Governor moves … mayor. Now everyone has a manned good (except me) and the next player crafts and trades. [Note that the 3rd player skips mayor after taking the sug/sug opening. Bizarre]. Each other player gets 1-3 gold. I’m not sure that the 2nd player was well served by this play though, he only got 1 Gold (which he would have gotten by taking trader). Of course, I get hosed out of the first trade … but having the small market is reasonable compensation. I built indigo, then hospice. Despite missing both factories and harbors (and not trading until the 3rd trader], I got enough diversity and late shipping (sm. warehouse + wharf) to eek out the win. [I should have lost, but the mistakes made against me later became mistakes made that helped me.] In any case, after swinging anti-hospice, I realize it’s a pretty good mid-game build, particularly if you are going corn or tobacco (or even large indigo/sugar). The people help out. The timing may gain you a few extra bucks/vps. It may very well pay for itself as much as a large market/office. In my case, it was a “What do I have to lose build”, but it worked out. Also of interest is that the wharf is usually consider an alternative to the small warehouse, but here I needed both (to hold 3 and ship 3).

Puerto Rico is still full of surprises. I wonder what the new expansion will bring?

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August 28, 2005 at 3:50 pm

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  1. BGG also has a downloadable Excel version of PR. The AI is actually quite good (and you can ‘generate’ opponents customised for 3, 4 or 5 player games).


    September 1, 2005 at 1:50 am

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