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Eine- Kleine-Fach Gedanken

A few more games of Einfach, mainly two player.

If you have a solid lead in a color, shut it down. Don’t bother expanding it for a bonus move.

Closing out a color while you have the lead is a nice strategy, but a) doing it too early is probably a waste. The board can easily regrow a color. If you are closed out, try to place a tile that provides a bonus and then opens the closed color out, then play on it. Because of this, be careful playing defensively if you are only up by a point (and that color is the mutual lowest).

Bonus moves are important to shut colors or regions off, not to jump from 14 to 18. Single digit scores seem to win regularly (perhaps I just play very defensively); so there’s not much difference for scores above ten.

Another danger is a play that ties your lowest scores. Then you can’t exchange. Somewhat dangerous is to move a color to a moderate score (say 3-5 points) so it won’t be your lowest but that’s your last tile. A run of bad luck can leave you stuck for plenty of turns unable to exchange, and providing your opponent time to cut the color off. [That’s bitter experience you hear]. It might be worth it to make a slightly worse play of that color, or keying of the other side of the tile, just to exchange.

I’m still not sure what a good opening play is (assuming you don’t have two matching tiles). I’ve just been playing a single match, with an unmatching color pointing out in the middle. I’m not sure it matters.

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July 7, 2005 at 7:59 pm

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  1. Bit of an overstatement to say that you “can’t” exchange with a tie for lowest score. It’s just harder to do so since you have to be out of all of them. I’ve exchanged with a three-way tie for lowest before.


    July 8, 2005 at 10:14 am

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