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The Economics of Play Time & Other notes

Some random and notes:

Geeky economist Bryan Caplan analyzes how to maximize game session fun. And links to a picture of the Witch King on break.

A photoshop contest re-designing board games. [Found via the Geek]

Everyone and their dog has already linked to Tom Vasel’s site.

I placed the order: 7 Ages, Around the World in 80 Days, Battlestations, China, Shadows over Camelot and TATATA! [I’ll do Warangel later, assuming I don’t have any problems with this order.] I’ll probably get Pickomino from the local store, paying the extra $10 since I play Shadowfist there.

Battlestations sounded interesting, and fell into the “If I don’t buy this, nobody else will” category. Besides, it’s one of those geeky cooperative games, and those are all the rage now. I’m very trendy. And I was shocked to discover that I own a game by the designer (Jeff Siadek). Bonus points if you can think of a game he’s made. Granted, not a game I’ve played often (or twice), but he’s respectable!

[The game is Monster Derby].

So I’ll have first impressions soon enough!

I’ve stopped updating my old reviews here — I’m migrating them over to the geek. I figure that way they’ll always be around no matter where I move; and I get shinier pixels next to my name. If anyone really wants to see them here let me know.

I spent a few hours polishing up my collection, too. It’s mainly correct (and is starting to list my tradeable games).


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June 20, 2005 at 10:29 pm

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