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Jan 22nd, 2001.

A beautiful, overproduced game. For your money, you get a tree base, and a bunch of stylized twigs and leaves. Play is simple: It’s Jenga in reverse. On your turn add a piece to the tree. If anything falls down, you keep it. First player to run out of pieces wins. For a touch of evil, the base rotates. (The main trunk extends beneath the base, forming a pivot to twist around). The game also comes with a deck of cards that forces players to play a twig, or a leaf, or a combo. But the cards are in German (I think) and really, what’s the point?

Arbos dominates a coffee-table with elegance.

Arbos makes a great gift to give to non-gamers. Yes, Settlers is a better choice to bring someone into the hobby. But for non-threatening games, Arbos wins hands down. I’ll be buying more of these for gifts.

You know, I recall that I did give one as a gift, but it’s been a long time. Actually, my current preferred gaming gift is Apples to Apples, since most non-gamers think of party games. I should pull this out to play with Rebecca and Aidan. At least, when I get to San Antonio I should…

Author 	 Martin Arnold &
Armin Muller
Players  2+
Company  M+A Spiele
Time 	 15 minutes+
Cost 	 $30

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