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Fantasy Forest — Not bad!

Jacqui picked up Fantasy Forest (a TSR’s kid game) and it’s not bad at all. A quick trip to the geek reveals why, it’s by Michael Gray (other credits include Daytona 500, Fortress America, Shogun, as well as other reasonable games for kids). Fantasy Forest is a Candyland derivative, but with real choices. You have a hand of three cards (each with a monster and value) and draw a card, play a card. The card tells you how far you move, but each shortcut also has a monster … play the right card to get a short cut. The ‘spot’ spaces make you play a card against the top card of the deck. If your card is higher, you go forward; if your card is lower, you go backward. If you land on an opponent, you get to take their hand and then give them back any three cards.

Rebecca and I also split a pair of games of Can’t Stop.


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February 5, 2005 at 7:18 pm

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