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War of the Rings more thoughts

I added an article to BoardGameGeek (so that the WotR designers would see it). What I’d like to see in a WotR expansion.

1) A hunt mechanism that gives the Shadow player more decisions. Right now the shadow player can allocate dice and move an army onto the fellowship. That’s it.

2) A set of options that are “Pro-Free People” or “Pro-Shadow” with approximate values that can be mixed and matched. This allows for balance to be tweaked and for more variety. (If the fellowship turns out to be better, give the
shadow 3 points of options, and the fellowship 2 points).

3) More event cards. Even just a few more (say, six in each deck) would greatly increase the variable of each game.

4) A bit more war defense for the FP, a bit more ring defense (not necessarily corruption, which seems reasonable) for the shadow.

5) Army markers and holding mats would be nice, but they’re gravy.

What I don’t want to see:

1) A ton of new units.

2) Expansions for more players. I only play 2p.

3) Cards that, despite having two uses (combat or regular), are so lopsided that one use dominates (I’m looking at you, special hunt tiles).

3a) Cards that cost the other side an entire turn, and that can be used in any situation. (I’m looking at you, Cruel Weather). Cards should be always useful or powerful in limited situations, not powerful every time.

4) Complication just for complexities sake.

I guess overall, I’d like too see the game move towards the center, with Sauron having more ways to slow (but not stop) the fellowship, and the FP having ways to slow (but not stop) the military victory. I think tension would increase if each side had more variability in play styles. That’s my chief complaint.

Update: Edited to fix linebreaks, add to post chain. Also, I’m not sure that Sauron needs more ring defense. I’d like to see Cruel Weather (and other cards that can’t be answered) dealt with.


Written by taogaming

January 29, 2005 at 12:50 pm

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