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Liberte vs. Ra

I got the following email:

I’d like to know how you compare Ra and Liberte. On your old website, you’ve listed Ra with 10+ plays and Liberte with 5+. Is there any particular reason why Ra has twice as many plays? You seem to like both games quite a bit, but I’m just wondering which one you prefer over the other. Liberte has appeared in my local game store and I know that Ra is on the verge of being re-released, so I’m trying to decide between the two for a purchase next month.

The reason for the differing number of plays is simple: Ra takes around 45 minutes, Liberte takes 2 hours after I explain the rules (which I have to do). [Also, not many people own Liberte, so unless it goes into my bag when I go out to game, it’s not an option. Many gamers own Ra.] The games don’t compare well, Ra is an auction/set collection game; in Liberte you have area control, card actions, etc.

Given my current tastes now, I’d rather play Liberte again before Ra; I’m on a kick for longer, more complicated games. But I’d rather try out new games before either. (A local promised to bring Struggle of Empires, the new Wallace game, next week).

Many people dislike Liberte. Without knowing your tastes, I’d recommend Ra. [I’ve heard the new version changes rules and distributions. I’m comparing with old Ra]. In addition, I strongly recommend playing Liberte with the variant devised by Larry Levy and Stuart Dagger (which allows players to draw/play two ‘1’ cards as a single action).

If neither of my reviews (Liberte, Ra) indicate which game you’d like (based on your knowledge of your own tastes), I can’t do much more than play the odds.


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January 29, 2005 at 4:05 pm

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